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One of the most important tools you can leverage in a real estate acquisition plan is finding the right lender. I can help ensure your financial requirements are paired with an appropriate lender at the best available rate, with terms that are tailored to your short- and long-term goals.

As a Mortgage Agent Level 2, my goal is to find each of my clients the right mortgage for the acquisition at hand with an intelligent financing plan that looks to the future. My job is to help my clients grow a portfolio over the long term. I found it essential to acquire this certification and cultivate relationships with the lenders who serve the niche market of residential apartments.

Whether you are purchasing a property, refinancing your home to buy a recreational or income property, or hoping to pull out some money at a low interest rate for property improvements, I can help.

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Sarah is a Mortgage Agent Level 2 with Mortgage Outlet license #12628. Contact Sarah today to discuss your financing options.

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