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Broker, Synercapital Investment Realty

The beginning

Sarah Kirwan moved to Ottawa in 2001 to pursue her undergraduate degree at Carleton University. In 2010, she purchased a duplex to owner-occupy and quickly realized that proper management, intelligent improvements, and calculated use of financing yield excellent growth on the road to financial independence.

She is now a registered Broker. As Property Administrator for Synercapital Investment Realty and Asset Management, Sarah oversaw hundreds of residential apartment units and learned the ins and outs of residential property management. She also aided in the analysis of apartment buildings for purchase and sale, under the real estate brokerage arm of the business, where she is now registered as a salesperson.

Photo of Sarah Kirwan - Sarah Kirwan is a Real Estate Broker

Since financing is such a key element in the acquisitions plan that Sarah practices and teaches, she obtained her Mortgage Agent license in 2019 and is now registered with FSCO and under the umbrella of Mortgage Outlet, in order to offer the complimentary service of mortgage brokering to her preferred real estate clients.

Sarah, a proud owner of 20 residential apartment units and counting, shares her insightful business plan and unique expertise with a growing base of clients and colleagues. Outside of work, Sarah can be found on the yoga mat, urban gardening, playing softball or at a local, live music venue.

Sarah is knowledgeable about Ottawa investment properties, and she will make your investment work for you.

Sarah’s background in personal income property investment and rentals makes her an ideal salesperson and investment counselor for commercial real estate. She understands both sides, and needs, of the market.
Synercapital is the leader in Commercial Real Estate Solutions for the Ottawa area


Sarah is a real estate broker with Synercapital Investment Realty who wants to help you grow your capital. Contact Sarah today and invest in your future.

Synercapital: The leader in Commercial Real Estate Solutions for the Ottawa area.

Headquartered in Ottawa, Synercapital is a boutique brokerage that specializes in servicing the residential apartment building and office/retail commercial sectors of the Ontario real estate market. The team at Synercapital understands the nuances of acquisition and ownership and uses this knowledge to benefit clients. 

When you select a real estate brokerage, it is in your best interest to seek out an experienced team with real-life experience in the property class of your choice. This is true whether you are a novice investor entering the market for the first time, or a seasoned investor either wishing to expand your portfolio or planning an exit strategy. Synercapital has first-hand experience that helps make your property transactions as seamless as possible.

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Sarah is a Mortgage Agent Level 2 with Mortgage Outlet license #12628. Contact Sarah today to discuss your financing options.

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